Trip to the Past

Miles away by the water, children are getting their first fishing experience by the shore, I am inside to read a little. An older lady who is town aso for highschool reunion starts the conversation. They had a tour to Istanbul stayed in a hotel called Ataka in old town. She highly reccomends it as reasonable prices location. Later they took a cruise in a small ship sailing through egean finishing in Athens. The ship has 3 masts. Should have been a big gulet. It is a small world to run into people so far away from Istanbul.

20 years ago I was finished with my studies here. Flew back home, done with the military. Looking back this was one good idea after all. The city and surroundings look all green and great. But we are for the reunion organized by the highschool not the university. I can see the city is growing. So is the uiversity. There are new buildings added. There are 7.000 students and number is up from past years I am told.

We took a short ride to Calumet. What a nice old town with many beatifull buildings with lot of history. The Schuties bar is closed unfortunately. There is a fire station turned into a museum with old fire engines inside across the street. The Calumet teather is operational. They have concerts through the summer.

There are many bikers around for what is called “Ink run”. Mostly Harleys, Goldwings, few old BMW twins and occasional Vstroms. The weather was great until saturday which was rainy and cold.

Dog House had live music in it. Same bar, same paintings on the top of the street window. Bubba the bar tender was out for the weekend though. Library has been fixed after the fire of many years ago. Has become more of a restaurant and serves good food actually.

They have micro brewery in there as well. There is a new place called Kewenaw Brewing company. They called the dark beer widow maker. It is smooth. The
regular pick axe blond is also good. I liked their beers.The Ambassador, is alive and full good pizza and selection of sandwiches.

Of cours great view to the Portage lake. The Downtowner has grown outside with a big deck. It was the most popular place of them all. Very crowded and rather noisy, I guess you have to be in the mood for that.

FM station Wolf (used to be great 98) is frozen in time. They play the rock from
70’s and 80’s. Actualy it is better now. Used to be top 40.

I will add some pictures later.

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