Tire Change for the Husky TE610

Husky came with Karoo tires. They were made for a mix of use asphalt and road I would say 50% each. However on mud and soft terrain I needed something better. Anyway after heavy abuse te rear was worn. Mind you they had 2.500km, but mostly on dirt rock etc..

Over here Mitas is popular given the performance/price ratio is very good. So I had Mitas for the rear and Shinko for the front.

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Mitas Leisure Cross C04 130/90/18

Shinko Holeshot 504

They are much better in mud and forest riding. But on asphalt you have to be carefull. Expecially on wet. Well for the moment I ride it mostly off-road so no problem.

I have not changed the tubes since they were in good conditions.

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