Life is a Blitz!

Time goes fast. We all heard or read this cliche for sure. Yet it is surprising to see it happening as I am writing this lines.

Life of the people around us goes quite fast as well. Like your close family whom you think will always be there.

And one day you wake up to find there is one less of them, simple as that. All you can do is visit the family, and do your last duties. And may be reflect a little.

What’s the catch? I guess it is important to have an positive impact on life surrounding you. It is important to be able to share your knowledge and wisdom while touching lives for the better. Philip Starck has explained that our efforts are for improving our DNA’s for the later generations. Evolution theory at work.

Demir Büyüközkaya was a good example for that. Always positive, always giving. Never loosing hope and not afraid to starting all over if needed. Teaching and sharing his wisdom with young generations. Passing the knowlege he had to the later generations.

Thank you and sleep well.

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