The End of Iraq

The book, written by Mr.Peter W. Galbraith has lots of information as first hand experience. Hence it is valuable if one wants to understand the dynamics in the region. Mr. Galbraith position in US foreign affairs and his contacts makes it a great read. He has been following Iraq for many years and developped relations with local politicians. The reality is put simply in front of the reader. It make you feel uneasy reading about the mistakes done by the “modern” or “civilized” world leading to the human drama we have today.

Mr Galbraith puts lots of information from Iraqi politicians in his book. Today there are 3 major groups and few minorities in Iraq. He unfortunately does not have much data about the one of the groups, sunnis. I am assuming he did not have contacts with them hence their position is not detailed much. Same applies to the minorities.

Also the last chapter about “3 state solution” and “How to get out of Iraq” could have been more informative given the background of the author. Maybe there is simply no easy way out to be coevered in a book in Iraq.

Still this is a great read with hard facts about Iraq and the region.
The closing lines of the book are from the father of Mr. Peter Galbreith.

“War remains the decisive human failure”, J. Kenneth Galbreith.

Below is a short Bio of Mr Galbreitf taken from ;
Ambassador Peter Galbraith – Amb. Peter W. Galbraith, one of America’s leading authorities on Iraq, has been in Iraq many times over the last twenty-one years during historic turning points for the country: the Iraq-Iran War, the Kurdish genocide, the 1991 uprising, the immediate aftermath of the 2003 war, and the writing of Iraq’s constitutions. In his new book, The End of Iraq, he offers many firsthand observations of the men who are now Iraq’s leaders. He draws on his nearly two decades of involvement in Iraq policy working for the U.S. government to appraise what has occurred and what will happen. The End of Iraq describes America’s failed strategy toward that country and what must be done now.

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