TE610 initial modifications hand protectors, bar risers, rear rack

TE610 is launched as “dual purpose” bike by Husqvarna. It weighs 140kg, 6 gears, 50HP and fuel injection (from 2008 and on). It is heavier than 100kg range of bikes, it compensates that with more road worthiness and lot of torque. On the other hand it is much lighter than most common 600cc enduro bikes (like XT, KLR).

So there you have a machine which will go practically anywhere as long as you can hang on to it. With this machine the riders ability is the key issue. My main motivation was to get a bike for using both for offroas and also some distance riding and TE fits the bill for me. Maybe I will write a separate article about why I ended up with TE. Here I want to list some of the work I have done on the bike. Here we go.

1- Removal of chain guards
Simply mud gets in there and sticks. Since I always ride with heavy boots, I do not risk the chain catching my pants or else. So I have removed te front and the rear prtectors. Chain maintenenace is much easier now.

2- Removal of the passenger pegs.
Well this bike with standart saddle is made for 1 person. And you don’t need those offroad. They are heavy as well. So I have removed them. Note that you have the shorten the bolt on the left side.

3- Rear rack
Since I do not have easy access to ready made stuff, I have get one done for myself. 4 bolts with metal sleeves holds the base plate down. It has proven to be very usefull in a trip. I can put a sizeble tank bag with bungee hooks on it. It will carry good weight and don’t bother me.

4- Hand Protectors
I have used Zeta from Japan. They are machined from aluminum and are very very good quality product. One important issue is that the inner diameter of the handle bar is tight. So I have gotten some adapters part built and it fit very well.
Obviously when you are out in the woods or offroading you have good chance of falling at various terrains.

5- Bar risers
This is very easy. All you need is 2 pieces of fat tubes machined to fit as adapter between the orginal part holding the handle bar and the bike chassis. Any machine shop could this. I get them done for aroun 3cm high. Now I can stand on the pegs without hunching forward.

Next I am planning to get the seat redone and a skid plate. Maybe I also fiddle with the head lamp.

You can see the pictures in my Turkish blog entries.

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