Aylar: Ağustos 2010

No Salt or Pepper unless you ask

That was the rule in Beijing and China. Make no mistakes we were in great restaurants. The food tasted delicious. From soups to fish, from meat dishes to deserts we were trated with great tasting food in generous amounts. The restaurants were full of locals and chinese. I would like to think we were not in tourist type places.

But if you want salt or pepper you need to ask. No salt and fat makes the chinese kitchen an healthy option. I guess I can live with less salt. Bu no pepper? That is difficult.

Green tea or various amounts of herbal teas are great and again very healthy. Bu for a turkish guy back done the right way and coffee, are a must. Well something look for once back home…


7 Years and same bike

We were discussing over some coffee with biker friends about bikes yesterday night. Some of us change machines faster than you can read my blog (and this no encyclopedia here to start with anyway). Couple thousand kilometers and thats it. The urge is there. Some of them change the whole riding style as well. How about getting a Honda Blackbird after riding enduro like KTM 990 Adv. Strange mix which may be hazardous for your health. Or a Hayabusa after riding Harley.

I had the same bike over 7 years. It takes me to get used to the machine and its abilities. Today the riders have so much catching up to do. A new bike does not make you any faster or quicker. Actually it will make you slower until you get used to it. And for sure you will get poorer.

During the past 7 years the VSTROM DL1000 had minimal mechanic problems. It is very reliable, comfortable for long trips and more than enough power when you want it.
I’m on my 3rd set of tires and chains but still at the same original battery.

If you consider one here are some links for you
http://www.vstromturkiye.org Turkish of course